New Video: David Guetta Featuring Usher, 'Without You'

Credit: PictureGroup

David Guetta's pretty much the only dude in the universe who could continent hop without even breaking a sweat. To be fair, though, most of David's "Without You" video costarring BIRTHDAY BOY (he turns 33 today!) Usher was shot against a green screen, but I bet if it happened in real life he'd still look just as dapper.

The "Without You" video begins at exactly 6:07 a.m. when DJ Guetta lands in Brazil just in time to play a massive outdoor party. The bikini-clad crowd goes nuts as he spins his brand-new Usher-sanctioned jam. Meanwhile, Mr. Raymond is decked out in cute shades and a cool denim jacket, and seems to be completely content to chill on a gorgeous beach (uh-DUH). He sings his heartfelt verse: "I can't win/I can't rain/I will never win this game/Without you, without you/I am lost/I am vain/I will never be the same without you."

As the earth's tectonic plates start to shift (what up, fourth-grade Earth Science!) Guetta gets the party started in in South Africa, Thailand and eventually back to the States where he heats up yet another outdoor fiesta. Guetta describes his new video as "one big party... There's no more different continents, there's no more different colors -- we’re all the same, and we're all together."

Mega props to David Guetta's "Without You" for representing Pangaea. Not a lot of videos can claim that. Dude had the chutzpah to throw a worldwide party, and it was a mother-effing RAGER.

+ Watch "Without You" by David Guetta featuring Usher.