New Song: Lily And The Parlour Tricks, 'Poison Song'

Some people were just born in the wrong decade. I, for instance, adore '40s fashions and probably could have rocked Depression chic, but the lack of modern medicine and internet might not be as romantic as it seems. From the sound of them, Lily And The Parlour Tricks also feel as though they were born in the wrong era, as their unique take on '40s cornershop melodies mixed with '60s psychedelic pop places them somewhere on the timeline after the invention of Velcro but definitely before the cell phone. Also, the three women in this sextet dress like '50s housewives while the men dress like James Dean. Intrigued yet?

On their new track "Poison Song," Lily and her tricks show off their versatility as they pay homage to Swing. The quick drumbeat with the three-part harmony has us utterly confused, but also utterly excited. Lead singer Lily Claire sings, "I showed my love the bottle, held it up so he could see/See/I said, 'Babe, she won't feel nothing, it'll go down easily'/Easily." And yes, the song is about poison. So... you're welcome for your new favorite song.

Lily And The Parlour Tricks' debut self-titled album is due out Oct. 18. Catch them performing at the CMJ Music Marathon & Film Festival, Oct. 18-22 in NYC.

+ Listen to Lily And The Parlour Tricks, "Poison Song."