'Liquid Television' IS BACK! So Watch Wallpaper.'s Animated 'F****** Best Song Everrr' Video

Hey, remember "Liquid Television," the groundbreaking animated series that ran on MTV from 1991-1994. and brought you cult classics like "Aeon Flux"? It was also where "Beavis And Butt-head" were actually BORN! Liquid Television was the effing BEST. Believe that.

Well, "Liquid Television" is officially coming back better and online-ier than ever at LiquidTelevision.com, with a combination of original animated short films and brand-new series. To celebrate, we asked "Superjail!" co-creator Christy Karacas to create a brand-new animated video for Wallpaper's party jam, "F****** Best Song Everrrr."

The modestly titled animated video details the Wallpaper and friends' attempt to roll to a house party where they've been booked to perform. But since it's animation and you can pretty much get away with anything, you get bosses ingesting chili sauce, hippie robbery thwartings and an otherworldly trip that involves dancing lizards. I'm really trying to be subtle here.

The group eventually make the gig, but it's about the journey, not the destination, right? And good luck getting REAL lizards to dance on cue. It's impossible. Trust us.

+ Watch Wallpaper's "F****** Best Song Everrrr" video created by Christy Karacas, see it on MTV tonight after the "Jersey Shore," view the new "Liquid Televison" trailer and check out LiquidTelevision.com!