Video Premiere: Chris Webby, 'Webster's Laboratory'

When we first heard the title of Chris Webby's latest video "Webster's Laboratory," we just assumed it would show the Connecticut rapper in a white lab coat mixing up chemicals. (If he was committed, he could've even used "Walter White" as an alias for "Breaking Bad" heads.) But we're still cool with the finished product, which extends the 1920s-styled swing trombone riff into a full-on flappers and tux intro.

From there, Webby, or Christian Webster as his parents know him, takes on such films as "Men in Black," "The Exorcist" and "Rocky," the latter exposing his abundant tattoo collection and boxing skills. When all of the video's characters eventually reunite in a classroom with Webby as teacher, the scene looks like some avant-garde European art film. While we'd love to think the appearance of a priest and half-naked model is some sort of existential meditation on the nature of faith and doubt, it's probably more for laughs, which we'll still accept.

Inspired by his love of the popular cartoon series "Dexter's Laboratory," Webby released his mixtape "Webster's Laboratory," featuring Freeway and Apathy, earlier this year.

+ Watch Chris Webby's "Webster's Laboratory" video.