Video Premiere: Jessie J, 'Domino'

"Domino," Jessie J's unabashedly ecstatic sugar rush of a song, showcases her powerhouse pop-R&B vocals and duck-and-cover belting abilities. And now her brand-new "Domino" video showcases the wild ride she's had this past year, stepping away from songwriting for other big names (Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera and Miley Cyrus, for whom she wrote "Party In The U.S.A"), instead conquering her native England before skyrocketing to international star status upon the release of her Who You Are debut album.

The "Domino" video is a series of snapshots, close-ups and little moments of sheer joy that feel just as exhilarating as the song itself. And while some critics devoted to Jessie J's earlier grime sound decried "Domino"'s shimmering, sparking pop sheen, Jessie J brushed it off, telling me at the 2011 VMAs, where she performed all night as the show's house artist, "People have heard 'Domino' and said 'it's nothing like you.' But... the album's really eclectic anyway, and I never go into the studio and say 'I wanna do another song that's like 'Price Tag' or another song like 'Do It Like A Dude.' I listened to a lot of Whitney and Prince... and we kinda just wanted to write a song that's timeless, that's fun and uplifting."

Jessie J's "Domino" video is both a well-traveled passport -- Vegas, New York, Los Angeles -- and a celebratory reflection on her massive year. "Domino" starts off with a bang and only ascends from there, which perfectly parallels Jessie J's nonstop climb to the top, which doesn't show any sign of stopping, bum leg or not.

+ Check out Jessie J's "Domino" video, and after the jump, watch Jessie J discuss "Domino" and see Jessie J sing live underground in the New York City subway.