Video Premiere: Cage The Elephant, 'Aberdeen'

Kentucky-based rockers Cage The Elephant are the kind of band that can get away with strictly performance music videos, as their modern take on grunge inherently sets them apart. But the band decided to tell the story of "Aberdeen" in their latest video via a claymation dragon (which we think every video should include).

In the video for the Nirvana/Pixies-esque single, viewers watch the sad story of a dragon with big city dreams. He lives in his faraway village and longs for the day when he will be accepted among humans. But when he crosses the river in an attempt to make some Homo sapien friends, dude ends up accidentally killing them because he's like, a giant fire-breathing dragon. Next thing you know, the cops are out to destroy this guy, and he has no way of communicating with them, "Wait! I just want to attend your book clubs and shop at your markets!"

Eventually the dragon is destroyed as Cage The Elephant plays in the background: "Hold the phone, hit repeat/Got me foaming at the knees/Saw the flame, tasted sin/You burned me once again." There's probably some kind of deep social implication or radical political tie-in here, but also, it's a music video about a claymation dragon. Everyone wins.

"Aberdeen" is the third single on Cage The Elephant's latest album Thank You Happy Birthday, out now on Jive Records.

+ Watch Cage The Elephant's "Aberdeen" video.

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