Katy Perry As A Skeleton Is ON POINT (PHOTO)

We've known for a minute now that Katy Perry gets into themes: Katy Perry doesn't just wear a latex dress; she has a monopoly on the entire latex industry. Katy Perry doesn't just sport a T-shirt with a cupcake on it; she transforms her bra into a whipped cream-shooting contraption. Etc., et al, yadda yadda.

So when it came time for the "Teenage Dream" singer and her crew to hit up the haunted house at Knott's Berry Farm, what do you think she did? Painted her face with intricate skeleton makeup, duh. Yesterday Katy tweeted, "Be honest with me, do I look tired?" and she included the above photo. No Katy, you don't look tired -- you just look like you have a really great makeup artist on your team and are probably going to win Best Costume at whatever Halloween party you attend this year. Unfair advantage!

Katy tweeted shortly after, "Scariest night of my life! BOO!" and included the photo below. You know, just a bunch of young zombies getting ready to get some s*** scared out of them, NBD. Yo Katy, if you have room in your gang for a zombie flapper, let me just say I know someone who can help you out. Her name is me!

Credit all photos: @KatyPerry