Beyonce Goes Shopping With Jay-Z And Kanye West Because She Can (PHOTO)

Credit: Pacific Coast News

While you might be feeling a little broke after you had to transfer 20 dollars from your savings account to go pick up those half-off boots you were eying, Beyoncé went shopping with her husband Jay-Z and Kanye West this weekend, which is basically the exact opposite of being poor. The Throne Watchers and Queen B had free reign of an Intermix in NYC -- as if you needed yet ANOTHER reason to be jealous of Beyoncé.

The "Love On Top" singer needs to get that shopping in NOW because we just learned that Beyoncé is due in February! That's like, four months away, people! Bey and Jay have to baby-proof their 11 mansions (I made that number up)! Soon-to-be possible godfather Kanye has to get to commissioning that giant diamond pendant he will undoubtedly gift the child upon its birth! A lot of work needs to be done to prepare for the MOST FAMOUS BABY EVER! So let Bey relax with her boys and pick up some new clothes, OK? (BTW, do you think Jay picked up the tab? And P.S., can I come next time?)

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