New Song: Featuring Jennifer Lopez And Mick Jagger, 'Hard'

Credit: Getty Images

The twitterverse was set ablaze recently with news that Black Eyed Peas frontman and Jennifer Lopez were collaborating. Along with a pic of the two of them chillin' in the studio, tweeted, "@JLo it was great working with you today in the studio before our concert in central park." And now, mystery solved, folks! We've finally heard their collabo "Hard," and surprise! -- the song features Mick Jagger, too.

We know what you're thinking: "This is one random-ass collection of pop stars." And we're gonna have to agree with you! But "Hard" is a serious club banger, guys. The song's got a classic beat, which serves as the perfect backdrop for his rhymes: "Oh my goodness/This beat is so hard/Imma go hard/Hard to the core.../Harder than worldwide stadium tours." Jen's up next, and while her lyrics are simple and repetitive, we fully support the message: "You can go hard/Or you can go home." In other words, don't call it quits at 11 p.m., wussies! Mick comes in next, and while his verse feels a bit out of place, who cares -- it's Mick EFFING Jagger. In his raspy rocker voice Mick sings, "Baby this is dynamo/Better move back now/It's about to blow!"

We never would have guessed J. Lo and Mick Jagger would appear in the same sentence, let alone the same song. But the combo actually works! Just like how you think French fries and Frosties would never be delicious, but then you experience it and it's your favorite food. Ever. No, seriously. Ever.

+ Listen to "Hard" by featuring Jennifer Lopez and Mick Jagger.