Video Premiere: Cori B., 'Do My Thang'

Not all celebrity offspring are total train wrecks. Just observe the daily life of Cori B., daughter of Snoop Dogg. Like a lot of "normal parents" (i.e. those who did not write "Gin & Juice" nor come up under the tutelage of Dr. Dre), Snoop Dogg realizes the fundamental importance of making your kids have an after-school job, earn their own cash and learn a little responsibility at a young age.

Yes, part-time jobs can kinda suck (hi, I flipped burgers after school, so I can relate), which is, understandably, Cori B.'s chief complaint in her "Do My Thang" video. Fed up with too much time spent working among her brothers at the world's cleanest ice cream parlor and bakery, Cori appeals to her dad, who appears to own the sweet shop and who's wearing one of his trademark shower caps, which are totally a hygienic convenience in a food services environment). Being the firm but supportive and sympathetic dad he is, Snoop also realizes the importance of fostering your child's emotional well-being and creativity and suggests Cori express her feelings by journaling, which is quite progressive and endearing.

Cori B.'s journal turns out to be totally magic, leading her to eschew her second-string cake baking status and instead play a starring role in a highly age-appropriate dance party that both shines a spotlight on her impressive singing skills and reinvigorates her work ethic. Also, at just 12, Cori B. found a work-life balance and creative outlet most adults don't find until well into their 50s, if ever, so, mad respect, l'il lady. Hopefully soon your dad will cut back on your cupcake-icing duties so you finish up that album (which is due out next year).

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