Video Preview: Beyonce, 'Love On Top'

Credit: Getty Images

We shoulda known that Beyoncé would out-mom-to-be all the moms-to-be in the world right now. Even while she's growing a tiny REAL, LIVE HUMAN IN HER, Bey is out there dancing, singing and recording music videos. See, when I get preggo, I intend to sit on the couch for nine months and eat an unlimited supply of pizza-flavored Hot Pockets. But I guess that's why Beyoncé is famous and I'm not. No one wants to see my Hot Pocket bloat.

Last week, a seriously baby bump'd-out Beyoncé unveiled her "Countdown" video. And today, we get an 82-second preview of her "Love On Top" video. If you don't recall, "Love On Top" was actually the song Beyoncé performed at this year's VMAs as she unveiled her baby bump to the world. So it's fitting that the video would come out during her pregnancy!

In the video, Beyoncé goes minimalist in a leotard and tights in a sunny studio. She's got a troupe of male backup singers performing behind her, and the focal fashion piece is her ship's captain-style hat, which vaguely hints at Michael Jackson's Dangerous-era military leanings, which befits the song's early-MJ stylings. Beyoncé looks decidedly less pregnant here than she did in the "Countdown" video, which makes sense since she filmed this video first. While some might say the basic concept of Beyoncé's  "Love On Top" video is too straightforward, we actually think it's amazing -- just let Beyoncé sing, dance, look fuhLAWless and wear a cute hat! What else do you people need?!

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