Greyson Chance Covers Lady Gaga's 'Yoü And I' (VIDEO)

Credit: Getty Images

Greyson Chance nearly blew up the internet when he posted a YouTube video covering Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" on piano. The shout-out from Mother Monster and the 32 million (!!) video views rocketed the talented 14-year-old into the music scene with his own record, Hold On 'Til The Night. It also doesn't hurt that he's like, one of the most adorable teenagers on the planet. The "Waiting Outside The Lines" singer recently went back to his viral video roots and posted a video of himself playing another Gaga cover, this time "Yoü and I."

The video begins with Greyson behind the piano as he confidently nails the ballad's infamous chords. Dude works the room's acoustics like a pro, hitting high notes with seemingly little effort and a perfected raspy growl. His dreams of getting on "Glee" HAVE TO come true after this rendition -- talent this ridic needs to go prime time, folks!

Lady Gaga expressed her adoration for the cover and tweeted the video to her followers adding, "What a sweetie @greysonchance did a beautiful cover of 'Yoü and I.' It gave me chills!" If he gives Gaga the chills (aka the queen of chill-giving), you know dude's working with some major pipes.

+ Watch Greyson Chance cover Lady Gaga's "Yoü And I."