Justin Bieber Does Christmas Like A Boss On His 'Under The Mistletoe' Album Cover

Credit: Getty Images

There's a crap-ton of hype surrounding almost everything Justin Bieber does, but the hype surrounding his upcoming Christmas album "Under The Mistletoe" is like, NOT EVEN A LITTLE NORMAL. Fans are completely losing it over the thought of Justin's dreamy vocals singing pop culture's most favorite Christmas standards.

Before we tell you about Justin's snowflake-themed "Under The Mistletoe" album cover art, we need to send a quick memo to Justin: "Yo J, you are NOT making the wait for your Christmas album any easier on us. For example, when you tweet things like "this duet with me and for is CRAZY!!" it kills us. Additionally, the pic of you and Shawn Stockman of Boyz II Men in the studio working on your album makes waiting like, the most painful experience of life. Just sayin'. Now on to the album cover!

On the "Under The Mistletoe" cover, a perfectly coiffed Justin sports a black leather jacket (like a boss). A flurry of snowflakes surround him as his piercing gaze shudders through our soul (OK, we're being dramatic). And "Under The Mistletoe" is written across the bottom red glitter font -- dude knows his target audience. All in all, it's half badass, half holiday cheer: what all good Christmases are made of!

+ Peep Justin's "Under The Mistletoe" cover art.