Star Spotting: How Is Ashlee Simpson ALWAYS Adorable?

Credit: Pacific Coast News

Ashlee Simpson is what girl crushes are made of, guys -- she's adorable, funny, always in a good mood, and I want to borrow all of her clothes. The singer was spotted looking fashionable and happy after grabbing a bite to eat with a friend in L.A. recently, and I'm a little mad I never get these invites. Honestly, I'm just a phone call away, girl. I'm always available for brunch, lunch, dinner, coffee, shopping... My schedule's pretty much wide open, FYI.

Even though Ash has been through a little bit of tough time this year with her divorce from Pete Wentz, we're glad to see that she's moving on and staying positive. Although I'd be pretty positive, too, if my new boyfriend was Vincent Piazza. Just sayin'.

And real quick, leave it to Ashlee Simpson to make what is essentially a Boy George outfit look attainable. Those hats are not easy, people. No. 1 girl crush!!!