New Song: V.V. Brown Featuring Chiddy Bang, 'Children (Keep On Singing)'

Credit: Paul Kalirai

We told you about British soul singer V.V. Brown last year, and it wasn't until recently that we finally forced ourselves to stop listening to "Shark In The Water" 500 times a day (for sanity's sake). But now we have another V.V. jam to take its place. It's "Children (Keep On Singing)," and it features Chiddy of Chiddy Bang and world rap record-breaking fame!

It takes a really good rewrite to make a classic children's rhyme into a successful modern-day track. (See: Nelly sampling "Roller Coaster" for 2000s "Country Grammar.") But V.V. hit the nail on the head with her adaptation of "Do Your Ears Hang Low." It's pretty much everything you would want from a children's song redux -- you want to sing along, chase the ice cream man, and keep it on repeat. V.V. and her background singers chant: "Darkness falls and kills the light/Don't surrender, be alright/Fuse blow up like dynamite/And the children keep on singing, singing." Quick, get me a jump rope!

Chiddy comes in toward the end of the song with his usual energetic swag: "Mama was hurtin' and she couldn't spend a penny more/But why nobody have real dreams anymore?/Forget the issues and worries, this is something I vow/Sip on that optimistic juice when it's crumbling down." BRB, changing my Religious Views on Facebook to "Optimistic Juice."

+ Listen to V.V. Brown Featuring Chiddy Bang, "Children (Keep On Singing.)"