Lady Gaga Gets Extra Creepy In Thierry Mugler Fashion Film (VIDEO)

Credit: Getty Images

Lady Gaga lives for playing dress up. She's obviously known for her outfits and fashion antics -- It's meat! It's a dress! It's totally BOTH! -- and for the last couple of months, she's been working on installments of short fashion films featuring a handful of her carefully crafted personalities. In her latest foray into the fashion world, Lady Gaga created a video montage for Nicola Formichetti's collection for Thierry Mugler's Women's Wear Paris fashion show. Gaga is the main character of the video, and she is, of course, sporting buck teeth and pigtails. Sure. Why not?

The Inez and Vinoodh-shot video opens with fashion's elite anxiously surrounding the catwalk in a dark room. From the center of the stage, a flickering film begins to play portraying a close-up of Lady Gaga's lips with an uncomfortably intimate view of her faux buck teeth. She whispers, "Sometimes.. My heart sometimes feels so black... And other days my heart feels like rainbows." While a dramatic piano dubs the soundtrack, different angles capture the "Yoü And I" singer whipping her multi-colored locks back and forth like a regular Willow Smith. An ominous strobe light effect highlights the shot, giving it a haunted house vibe. But, duh, we all know that every day is Halloween in Gagaland!

Also, we should mention that Gaga has three heads.

As the clip fades out, models work the Spring/Summer 2012 Mugler collection to dim lighting and the same dramatic tune. We're not really sure what's going on here, and it's pretty effing creepy. But it's also strangely lovely. In other words, GAGA WAS HERE!

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