WATCH: More Behind-The-Scenes Footage Of JoJo On Tour

Credit: Getty Images

While on the road promoting her third album Jumping Trains, JoJo's been offering fans a sneak peek of life on tour by documenting the journey with video diary installments. Her latest videos find her trekking through Minneapolis and Denver, and we have the run down because we're cool like that.

JoJo's Minneapolis diary starts with "The Other Chick" herself kicking off her lonnnnnng workday right -- with a latte! She even orders it herself! She then heads to a media listening event where she introduces her latest single "Disaster" before she gets her nails done, poses for a photo shoot, and performs a show that same night. How many shots were in that latte? This girl DON'T QUIT!

In Denver, we catch up with JoJo as she hits up the town for a quick bite with her crew. Later she explains the grueling effects of touring on her health while at the gym, but then OMG -- a Joe Jonas TRAINING SESSION CAMEO. The camera catches Joe sprinting back and forth while JoJo watches from the sidelines. We'd spy on that ish too, girl.

If we're learning anything here, people, it's that touring ain't all that glamorous. But JoJo's one of those talents that remains positive and adorbz through the whole experience. And that Joe Jonas run-in isn't making us feel too bad for her.

+ Watch behind-the-scenes video diaries of JoJo on tour in Minneapolis and Denver.