Justin Bieber Did The Dougie With Santa!!! (PHOTO)

Credit: @justinbieber

I knooooow! We're SO SORRY for even mentioning Santa in September, but Justin Bieber hung out with him yesterday and being the vigilant journalists that we are, we had to tell you/show you. You're welcome.

Justin Bieber called in his pal Claus-Dawg to help film his video "Mistletoe," what we're guessing is the first single from his upcoming holiday album, currently titled Under The Mistletoe and due out November 1. We don't know too much more about the album except that Boyz II Men were on hand during recording and JB's mentor Usher will also be featured on a track, as Justin revealed earlier this week via Twitter.

But back to the picture! Bieber tweeted, "doing the with santa. . haha. ." Guys. Justin Bieber DID THE DOUGIE with Santa. I literally could not have created a more perfect sentence.

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