PHOTOS: Pop Stars At Sports Games!

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You know when you get discount bleacher seats from Groupon or something and you're like, "W00t! Can't wait to go watch some baseball with my friends from approximately a mile away!" Yeah, not celebs. Box seats at a Giants game? No prob. Front row at the NBA All-Star Game? You know it. Celebrities, like Lady Gaga with her glass of champagne, go to sporting events the way we all wish we could -- for free and far away from commoners!

If you don't believe us, check out MTV BUZZWORTHY'S CELEBS AT SPORTS GAMES PHOTO GALLERY! Marvel at how close they get to the actual players; note that, like us, they enjoy hot dogs at sporting events and wonder with us if they even know what sport they're watching. Peep some of our fave pix below!

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Taylor Swift and Chord Overstreet got sport at a Minnesota Wild vs. L.A. Kings hockey game earlier this year, but like Taylor, we would not give an eff about the game either if CHORD EFFING OVERSTREET was sitting next to us.

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Whelp, Justin Bieber, I think it's pretty clear who you're cheering on during this New York Knicks game. (Hint: It's the cheerleaders.)

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The Jonas Brothers played a charity kickball game in 2009, and here's the photo evidence. So yes, Nick Jonas is even illegal-er to gawk at here than usual. Close your mouth, ladies.

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