Rihanna, Nicola Roberts, Sunday Girl + More: 5 Must-Hear Pop Songs of the Week

It's Tuesday! Time for another round of 5 Must-Hear Pop Songs for the Week!

And as if you couldn't tell from the photo below, it's another all-girl affair this week! Shocking.

This week's roundup includes one good girl gone bad, one girl group member gone solo and one girl from down under about to try and break America. Let's go-o-o!

1.) Rihanna, "We Found Love"

It's almost October, and in the spirit of the season... it's time for a new Rihanna single! (What, were you expecting something spookier? It's just RiRi!) "We Found Love" is the lead single from the Bajan beauty's sixth studio album (her seventh overall, continuing the trend of releasing a new album from the singer every year since 2005 -- girl just won't quit!). With production credits by Scottish dance aficionado Calvin Harris, RiRi's newest ri-lease sees her moving even further away from the grim and gritty days of Rated R, instead taking the dance-pop sound of LOUD and cranking it up to 11 for her most house-inspired, Ibiza-ready release to date.

"Yellow diamonds in the light, and we're standing side by side," she whimsically swoons above Harris' relentless synth beats. That's right--this is Ri the disco diva, not the dirrty girl of "Hard." All sweet, no sass here!

She's been a good girl gone bad, went Rated R, then decided to brighten things up and get LOUD. What's next for Ri and her faithful Navy? As always, we'll just have to wait and see. That Rihanna reign just won't let up! + LISTEN TO RIHANNA, "WE FOUND LOVE"

2.) Sunday Girl, "Love U More"

Though she's released several singles over the past two years, Sunday Girl (otherwise known as Jade Williams) is still a fresh face in the UK pop scene. With her unique brand of sweetly cooed lush pop tunes, including "Four Floors" and "Stop Hey!" along with highly stylized visuals that look more like Gucci ad campaigns than music videos, the 24-year-old singer has maintained a certain degree of chic indie-pop mystique -- floating just below the mainstream radar despite releasing nothing but supreme pop gems.

"Love U More," Sunday Girl's latest release due out later this fall in the UK, is a gorgeous cover of the 1992 Sunscreem dance hit, a song which has gone on to be covered by basically everyone ever, from Steps to Basshunter.

"You can turn wine into water, turn sadness into laughter/But you know you can never make me love you more," she dreamily croons. The sparkling, trance-heavy production and dreamy vocal delivery makes Williams' rendition the most exciting interpretation of the song to date -- yet another indication of exciting things to come from the gorgeous UK songstress. + LISTEN TO SUNDAY GIRL, "LOVE U MORE"

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3.) Nicola Roberts, "Yo-Yo"

Nicola Roberts is, quite simply, the most. The fiery-haired chanteuse first skyrocketed to fame for the majority of the past decade as one-fifth of Girls Aloud, largely considered the UK's most successful girl group of the 21st century.

Following in the footsteps of fellow band members Cheryl Cole and Nadine Coyle, the quirky songstress decided to pursue a solo career of her own in 2011. Far from the safe R&B-pop stylings of Cole or the full-bodied diva vocals of Coyle's release, Roberts boldly asserted herself as the Aloud's most avant-garde girl of the bunch. Cinderella's Eyes, released this week in the UK, is packed full of bold, cutting-edge pop productions penned alongside such indie delights as Metronomy, Diplo and Dimitri Tikovoi, leading both fans and former antagonists alike to declare themselves wholeheartedly "Team Ginge."

"Yo-Yo" is one of the finer cuts from Roberts' new release, a glittering mid-tempo filled with stomping '80's beats, spaced-out synthesizers and stinging electronica. The whole track is genius, but hold on till the song's staggeringly lush bridge two-thirds in, as the quirky songstress breaks into her gorgeous vibrato: "I'm wrapped right around your finger, and I can't let go," she croons with all her icy disco might. Chills for days! + LISTEN TO NICOLA ROBERTS, "YO-YO"

4.) Katy B, "See Through"

UK grime-pop princess Katy B has been making waves across the pond (and small rumbles stateside!) for the past year with her own brand of dubstep-infused pop hits, including hits like "Katy On A Mission," "Lights Out (feat. Ms. Dynamite)" and "Broken Record."

On Aug. 28, the 22-year-old singer released "Witches' Brew," the fifth single from her No. 2 debut record, On A Mission. And although the 22-year-old singer's latest dance-y offering proves just as infectious as the rest of her releases, the song's only managed to scratch the surface of the UK Singles Chart, peaking at a humble No. 128.

Still, the song will live on as one of Katy's underrated gems, not only because of the A-side, but its accompanying B-side as well: "See Through" is a moodier offering, crawling across on a tripping hip-hop beat. "I can't read you, your soul's gone see through," Katy soulfully croons throughout this repeat-friendly number, sounding more like an ode to Joss Stone (or even Lauryn Hill) than her usual gritty dance floor assault. + LISTEN TO KATY B, "SEE THROUGH"

5.) Havana Brown featuring Pitbull, "We Run The Night"

As the opening act for pop heavyweights including Brit Brit, RiRi and Pussycat Dolls (RIP), Australian DJ Havana Brown has already had plenty of experience working the crowds all across her home country over the latter half of the past decade.

But back in April of this year, the blossoming disc jockey decided to foray into the music scene with her own song: "We Run The Night," a call to arms for all creatures of the night to take control of the dance floor aboard some truly killer beats and almighty dance breakdowns. The track wound up leaping to #5 on the ARIA Singles Chart (that's Australian for "Billboard", k?), selling more than 140,000 copies (double platinum status!) and igniting Aussie dance floors for months on end.

Digging the song, but feeling sad that it won't be playing at your local discotheque anytime soon? Don't worry, you're about to hear a lot more of this jam shortly. The Aussie smash has just been picked up for U.S. release beginning this week, featuring all new production by "On The Floor" crafter RedOne and a brand-new verse rapped by Mr. Worldwide himself, Pitbull. Yeehaw! + LISTEN TO HAVANA BROWN FEATURING PITBULL, "WE RUN THE NIGHT"

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