Star Spotting: You Still Want To Dress Like Gwen Stefani

Credit: Splash News

I remember back in the '90s when I would come home from middle school and see No Doubt's "Spiderwebs" video playing on MTV. Half of me was like, "Who is this crazy chick?" and half of me was like, "I want to be this crazy chick." Nearly 20 years later, not much has changed! Gwen Stefani is still the epitome of cool. Pretty sure she will be forever, guys.

Gwen was spotted arriving at a doctor's office in London yesterday, and she's in the perfect seasonal outfit -- black loafers, black skinnies and a black bag paired with a Cosby-inspired sweater, a peacoat and a leather jacket. And this is just her doctor's office outfit. Not fair.

Looks like somewhere in the world is actually experiencing the season known as fall and isn't still sweating through their underwear on the way to work like most of America right now (SO JEALZ). Although when you're Gwen Stefani, I guess you can just fly to where they actually experience somewhat non-disgusting weather. Must be nice.