Fall Music Preview 2011: Britney Spears, Joe Jonas, Demi Lovato, Evanescence, Rihanna, Drake & More

It's officially fall, y'all. Which means pumpkin lattes (unnecessary yet impossible to resist), bowls of free candy (dooon't mind if I do) and a superabundant stream of new albums vying for any remaining space on your iPod. So here at Buzzworthy, our music writers -- Tamar Anitai, Nicole James, Jason Newman, Jenna Rubenstein and Brad Stern -- harvested 29 of our favorite new and upcoming albums into a fall-friendly guide that's easier to digest than those weird brown candy corns.

The fall music forecast calls for dance floor fillers such as Jason Derulo's Future History, Patrick Stump's Soul Punk and Joe Jonas' Fast Life (two highly anticipated solo missions!), with high chances of comebacks like Blink-182's Neighborhoods, Evanescence's self-titled album, Gym Class Heroes' The Papercut Chronicles II and Demi Lovato's Unbroken. Expect new music by overachievers too: Britney released Femme Fatale six month ago, but that's not stopping her from dropping her remix album next month. And Rihanna will debut her sixth studio album almost a year to the day she released her Loud album, which is still riding high on the charts.

So, without further adieu or belaboring, check out Buzzworthy's Fall Music Preview 2011 -- 29 new fall albums on our radar that need to be on yours too! And vote for the fall album you're most excited about!

SAVES THE DAY, Daybreak: Saves The Day's been playing a serious game of musical chairs and contending with a constantly shifting lineup. Case in point? The band's latest album, Daybreak (featuring the title track, which is an 11-minute rock opera), is the first without longtime guitarist David Soloway and their first (and last) with temporary drummer Spencer Peterson. But Daybreak leaves no room for skeptics. There's "1984," an homage to old-school garage rock, and "O," an unassuming ballad that features lead vocalist Chris Conley literally begging to be with his woman (we'll pause for the collective "Awww"). Instant classic. -- Jenna Rubenstein

Standout songs: "1984," "O," "Undress Me"

Release date: Sept. 13

CODY SIMPSON, Coast To Coast: Perhaps best known as Australia's answer to Justin Bieber (start screaming now!), 14-year-old heartthrob Cody Simpson's about to set dozens of young hearts ablaze with the release of his second stateside EP, Coast to Coast, on Sept. 20. Channeling all the best young blond crooners -- from Jesse McCartney to Aaron Carter -- Cody Simpson's bringing straight-up R&B-pop on his latest EP, including his swoon-y springtime single "On My Mind" and his most recent release, the breakup ballad "Not Just You." With album production credits that include Danja, The Messengers and Adele hitmaker Fraser T. Smith, his musical team is more top talent than teenybopper. -- Brad Stern

Standout songs: "On My Mind," "Angel," "Not Just You"

Release date: Sept. 20

DEMI LOVATO, Unbroken: On Unbroken, her third album, Demi Lovato comes clean, inspires and experiments with something totally healthy: musical styles. Though Unbroken reflects her time getting sober and getting healthy after entering rehab in late 2010, Unbroken's both confessional and cathartic. Pulling in Timbaland, Missy Elliott and Iyaz, Demi goes dance-pop on party tracks such as "All Night Long" and "Who's That Boy" (featuring Dev) while going beneath the surface into personal territory, like on her revelatory, Phoenix-rising redemption song, "Skyscraper." Demi's definitely on the right track: Unbroken went to No. 1 within the first HOUR it was released. -- Tamar Anitai

Standout songs: "Skyscraper," "Give Your Heart A Break," "Who's That Boy"

Release date: Sept. 20


ALLSTAR WEEKEND, All the Way: San Diego pop band Allstar Weekend have struggled recently, with founding guitarist Nathan Darmody exiting the band less than two weeks before the release of their second album, All The Way. While the band continues to search for Darmody's replacement, All The Way features an impressive list of producers and writers, including J.R. Rotem (Rihanna, Britney Spears) and Dan Wilson (Adele). The album's lead single, "Not Your Birthday," features rapper Anthony "Anth" Melo. -- Jason Newman

Standout songs: "Not Your Birthday," "Blame It On September"

Release date: Sept. 27

BLINK-182, Neighborhoods: After a 2008 plane crash nearly killed Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, then-former bandmates Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus visited Barker and eventually reformed the pioneering pop-punk band that had been on "indefinite hiatus" for years. The result is Neighborhoods, Blink-182's first album since 2003's eponymous release. With recordings stretching back to 2009, Neighborhoods is the band's darkest material to date, which is understandable given Barker's accident and the 2008 death of longtime producer Jerry Finn (the band self-produced their latest effort). Death gets frequent lyrical mentions, but expect a mix of the band's punk-edged pop with electronic flourishes backing it all up. -- Jason Newman

Standout songs: "Up All Night," "After Midnight," "Ghost On The Dancefloor"

Release date: Sept. 27

J. COLE, Cole World: The Sideline Story: After myriad setbacks and delays, J. Cole, the first signee to Jay-Z's Roc Nation label, is finally ready to release his long-awaited debut album Cole World: The Sideline Story. The mixtape veteran's album is one of the most anticipated hip-hop releases of the year, with confirmed guests Missy Elliott, Trey Songz, Drake and Jay-Z (the latter on the recently released "Mr. Nice Watch"). Produced mostly by Cole himself, Cole World combines new tracks with previously unreleased older songs from his mixtape days. Expect to hear a combination of club-friendly hip-hop with more serious, introspective tracks. -- Jason Newman

Standout songs: "Can't Get Enough," "Nobody's Perfect," "Lost Ones"

Release date: Sept. 27

JASON DERULO, Future History: The dance floor dominator's barely taken a breath since he dropped his self-titled debut a year ago, went gold, opened for Gaga and cranked out an impressive selection of megahits like "In My Head." Now, Jason Derulo's leaving the past behind with his sophomore album, combining synthed-up sick-and-slick dance jams like "Breathing" and "Pick Up The Pieces" with romantic reflections on songs such as "It Girl." Lest you worry Jason's totally changing up his game and rewriting history, rest assured that "Pick Up The Pieces" opens up with the same brash air horn and Beluga Heights callout you've come to know, expect and inexplicably crave from Derulo. -- Tamar Anitai

Standout songs: "Breathing," "Pick Up The Pieces"

Release date: Sept. 27

MAYDAY PARADE, Mayday Parade: Tallahassee, Florida quintet Mayday Parade reunites with some old friends for their upcoming self-titled third album, bringing in producers Zack Odom and Kenneth Moun from 2007's A Lesson in Romantics to replace David Bendeth from 2009's Anywhere But Here. Written earlier this year in Florida, the album eschews outside songwriting contributions in favor of the band's own tracks. While the group isn't planning on any special guests, they've expanded their sound, bringing in a string section for selected tracks. -- Jason Newman

Standout songs: "Oh Well, Oh Well," "When You See My Friends"

Release date: Oct. 4

NEW FOUND GLORY, Radiosurgery: On their forthcoming album, Radiosurgery, New Found Glory heads right back to basics. Though the album features thoroughly modern production, the bulk of the tracks are reminiscent of that early NFG sound we all fell so hard for the first time around. Many songs on the record are about relationships –- there's “Dumped," which speaks to all the crap that comes along with a bad breakup, and "Radiosurgery," the cheeky tune about needing a full-on lobotomy to help you forget all the bad s*** your ex has done. Relationship chatter aside, the album is filled with all with classic pop/punk sounds your fall's currently lacking. Oh, and did we mention Radiosurgery is NFG's SEVENTH studio album?? Only the strong survive! -- Jenna Rubenstein

Standout songs: "Radiosurgery," "Dumped”

Release date: Oct. 4

BJÖRK, Biophilia: Björk has always relished the opportunity to merge music with emerging technologies, so it's no big surprise that Biophilia, her eighth studio album, was partially recorded on an iPad and even has its own Biophilia iPad app. The Icelandic multi-instrumentalist created new instruments specifically for the album, whose title refers to the bond between humans and other living systems. Musically, Biophilia combines the singer's penchant for orchestral and operatic movements with her love of electronic flourishes. As usual, it sounds like nothing else: a separate musical planet with one bizarre genius as its sole inhabitant. -- Jason Newman

Standout songs: "Crystalline," "Cosmogyny," "Virus"

Release date: Oct. 11

BRITNEY SPEARS, B In The Mix: The Remixes 2: As the Pop Princess stuttered during her team-up with Ke$ha and Nicki Minaj earlier this year: "Th-th-th-this is the remix!" Correct: Britney Spears returns on Oct. 11 with B In The Mix: The Remixes 2, a 10-track collection of singles spanning from 2007's Blackout to this year's Femme Fatale. Included in the bunch? Pop classics including "Gimme More," "Womanizer," "I Wanna Go" and even a remix of her upcoming single, "Criminal." Ten more reasons to dance the night away in your underwear to Brit Brit. (Wait. Is that just me?) -- Brad Stern

Standout songs: "Gimme More (Kaskade Club Mix)," "Womanizer (Benny Benassi Extended Remix)," "Criminal (Varsity Remix)"

Release date: Oct. 11

EVANESCENCE, Evanescence: After years out of the spotlight, Evanescence make a triumphant return this fall with their highly anticipated, self-titled third album. Five years after the release of The Open Door, Evanescence regrouped to give fans some of their strongest material to date. After spending nearly two years in the studio with producers Steve Lillywhite (Dave Matthews Band, U2) and with Nick Raskulinecz (Foo Fighters, Marilyn Manson), Evanescence roared back to life with their comeback single "What You Want" to rave reviews. -- Nicole James

Standout songs: "What You Want," "The Other Side," "Lost In Paradise"

Release date: October 11

JOE JONAS, Fast Life: With production credits from Danja (Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears), Rob Knox (T.I., Chris Brown), and Brian Kennedy (Ciara, Rihanna), Joe Jonas' debut solo album, Fast Life, has all the ammunition behind it to score himself at least a couple top 10s. Breaking away from both his Jonas Brothers sound and squeaky-clean look, fans can an expect an older, wiser and definitely more mature Joe Jonas on Fast Life. (Um, hi, his "Just In Love" video features a sometimes-shirtless Joe in a hotel room with a French model.) He's still "Burnin' Up," but just in an 18-plus way now. -- Nicole James

Standout songs: "Just In Love," "Love Slayer"

Release date: Oct. 11

THE READY SET, Feel Good Now: The Ready Set's Jordan Witzigreuter's got big shoes to fill on his new EP: his own. Feel Good Now, the follow-up to 2010's I'm Alive, I'm Dreaming major label debut. I'm Alive I'm Dreaming featured his breakthrough single, "Love Like Woe," which went platinum. But Jordan's wasting little time resting on his laurels as a young overachiever. He's currently putting the finishing touches on his Feel Good Now EP, crafting more irresistibly hooky electro dance-pop tracks like "Hollywood Dream" and making more sophisticated sounds such as "Young Forever" before heading out on a fall tour with All Time Low. -- Tamar Anitai

Standout song: "Young Forever"

Release date: Oct. 11

PATRICK STUMP, Soul Punk: Not only is going solo after a wildly successful run as Fall Out Boy's frontman and boy genius totally scary, but producing your entire debut album yourself is probably pretty pee-your-pants-worthy as well. But Patrick Stump is taking the leap as he prepares to release his full-length debut LP, Soul Punk. FOB fans can expect a lot less punk, a lot more pop and an album full of fast-paced tracks that showcase Patrick's blues-inspired falsetto. Fans can catch him on the road this fall with Panic! At The Disco. -- Nicole James

Standout songs: "This City," "Explode"

Release date: Oct. 18

COLDPLAY, Mylo Xyloto: For their fifth album, the world's most anthemic band tries their hand at a concept album loosely inspired by "The Wire" and 1970s U.S. graffiti. Recorded in part in a North London church, Coldplay reunites with producer Brian Eno, but this time, expect a more acoustic sound than 2008's Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends. We're not 100 percent clear how that's gonna work with Rihanna's guest spot on "Princess Of China," but we're sure it will. As for the cryptic title, the guys told MTV News that fans shouldn't spend too much time worrying about what Mylo Xyloto means. "It just feels fresh to us," said singer Chris Martin. "It's new. It doesn't mean anything except that [album's] music." -- Jason Newman

Standout songs: "Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall," "Paradise," "Princess Of China"

Release date: Oct. 24

DRAKE, Take Care: The Young Money/Cash Money superstar has already dropped some solid singles from Take Care, his second album and the follow-up to last year's Thank Me Later. Judging by what we've already heard, Drake's album showcases the rapper/singer's myriad styles, from emotive crooner and vulnerable human emoticon to club-friendly rapper and self-aggrandizing success story. Longtime collaborator Noah "40" Shebib returns to produce most of Take Care, with confirmed guest spots by Rick Ross and Lil Wayne. -- Jason Newman

Standout songs: "Headlines," "Marvin's Room," "Free Spirit"

Release date: Oct. 24

KELLY CLARKSON, Stronger: Start hoarding hankies now: Powerhouse vocalist Kelly Clarkson is back. For her fifth studio album, the defiantly titled Stronger, the "Independent" "Idol" alum has teamed up with some of the industry's leading pop scribes (Brian Kennedy, Ester Dean, Toby Gad) to help produce her signature brand of defiant pop anthems and breakup ballads we've been so desperately craving, including her gorgeous new guitar-driven single, "Mr. Know It All." Although almost half of the record has already leaked online in demo form over the past few months, Clarkson's still got plenty of surprises in store, including a new track called "You Love Me," which she's described as the best song she's written... ever. -- Brad Stern

Standout songs: "Let Me Down" "Mr. Know It All," "Dark Side"

Release date: Oct. 24

HONOR SOCIETY, A Tale of Risky Business, Part 2: Although we don't have too many details about Honor Society's upcoming album, we do know that the soul-pop act hit the studio with producer Adam Blackstone, so we're happily anticipating more of the hook-heavy Maroon 5/OneRepublic vibe we've heard on a few of their recent singles, including "Living A Lie." Their second LP is the follow-up to 2009's Fashionably Late full-length album. -- Nicole James

Standout songs: "Hurricane," "Living A Lie"

Release date: Oct. 25

I FIGHT DRAGONS, Kaboom!: Produced by Matt Mahaffey (Beck, Tenacious D), I Fight Dragons' forthcoming full-length debut album Kaboom! showcases their, well, adorkable approach to crafting a pop record. As demonstrated via the beeping, bleeping and blinking sounds in their single "The Geeks Will Inherit The Earth," I Fight Dragons happily co-opt audio from old video games such as Nintendo Gameboy to fill out their records. Lest you think I Fight Dragons is all 8-bit all the time, title track "Kaboom!" offers a more traditional pop-rock sound. But be fooled not, friends -- I Fight Dragons' geek-chic sound cannot be rivaled. Also, if you say bad stuff about them they'll probably hack your Facebook. -- Jenna Rubenstein

Standout songs: "Kaboom!" "The Geeks Will Inherit The Earth"

Release date: Oct. 25

YELAWOLF: Radioactive: After years of releasing indie mixtapes, hyperactive Atlanta rapper Yelawolf gets his close-up on Radioactive, his major label debut. The Shady Records signee, who now calls Eminem his boss, made memorable appearances on Big Boi's "You Ain't No DJ" and Paul Wall's "Live It." On Radioactive, Eminem and Lil Jon are the only confirmed guests so far, but don't be surprised to see some other high-profile names make the final cut. -- Jason Newman

Standout songs: "Hard White (Up in the Club)," "No Hands," "Throw It Up"

Release date: Oct. 25

DEV, The Night The Sun Came Up: After flying high on Far East Movement's "Like A G6" last year (the song was voted 2010 Fan Favorite: "Song You Couldn't Stop Listening To" by Buzzworthy Blog readers) California-born Dev's coming back down to earth for her long-awaited debut record The Night The Sun Came Up. The singer's Cataracs-produced debut was meant to drop earlier this month, but the album release date got bumped up when Dev got pregnant. While tracks like the panty-dropping lead single "Bass Down Low" and her current horn-happy smash "In The Dark" find Dev getting freaky on the dance floor, moodier offerings such as "Shadows" prove that Dev's bringing more to the table as an artist than just booty-bouncing beats. (Don't worry -- there's still plenty of that too.) -- Brad Stern

Standout songs: "In The Dark," "Lightspeed," "Bass Down Low"

Release date: Nov. 1

FLORENCE + THE MACHINE, Ceremonials: Following her critically acclaimed debut album, 2009's Lungs, Florence Welch and her Machine return with the Paul Epworth-produced Ceremonials, the band's sophomore effort. Known for her epic, sweeping vocal manifestos, such as last year’s inescapable "Dog Days Are Over," fans can expect more of what they love. "What The Water Gave Me," the first track we heard from the album, brought us a six-minute melancholy indie opera, while "Shake It Out," the album's first actual single is anthemic and ethereal. We're pretty sure this Florence couldn't hit a sophomore slump if she tried. -- Nicole James

Standout songs: "Shake It Out"

Release date: Nov. 1

METALLICA & LOU REED, Lulu: When metal gods Metallica and punk godfather Lou Reed announced they were recording their Lulu album together, it was the unseemly collaboration that inspired snickering jokes, quizzical looks and many nods of approval. Two years after performing together at the 2009 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary Concert, both parties entered the studio and recorded an 87-minute album with three tracks clocking in at 10 minutes or more. If you like Metallica's crunching, thrash guitars and Reed's intellectual rock operas separately, this is your favorite album of the year. For what it's worth, Reed calls the album "maybe the best thing done by anyone, ever." -- Jason Newman

Standout songs: "The View," "Pumping Blood," "Mistress Dread"

Release date: Nov. 1

GYM CLASS HEROES, The Papercut Chronicles II: Forthcoming album The Papercut Chronicles II promises the triumphant return of Gym Class Heroes. “Stereo Hearts,” the first single off the album is defined by Travie McCoy’s classic laidback swag and the ultra-smooth pop vocals of Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, who's featured on the hook. The band's remained remarkably tight-lipped about the album, and while there's no way to predict the future after this album, if the success of their already-charting single "Stereo Hearts," which has already sold 1 million copies, tells us anything, it’s that the Gym Class guys will totally be down for another round. -- Jenna Rubenstein

Standout songs: "Stereo Hearts"

Release date: Nov. 15


Almost four years since her (now-scrapped) debut Her Name Is Nicole was shelved, former Pussycat Dolls lead Nicole Scherzinger is finally cutting her solo teeth with Killer Love, her long-awaited U.S. solo debut. This time around, Scherzy's strayed away from her R&B-pop roots, instead opting to head straight onto the dance floor with a handful of juicy RedOne-produced stompers. With a brand-new gig on the judging panel of "X Factor," along with three preapproved smash hit singles ("Poison," "Right There" and her gorgeous new single "Don't Hold Your Breath" all landed within the Top 3 of the UK Singles Chart this year), the former Doll's got more than enough going on to propel her right back onto American airwaves. -- Brad Stern

Standout songs: “Don’t Hold Your Breath,” “Wet,” “Right There”

Release date: Nov. 15

RIHANNA, Untitled

Even though songs from her Loud album are still all over the radio, Rihanna's already looking ahead as she prepares to release her newest, yet-untitled, album later this fall. The only info we have about her upcoming sixth studio album are the vague hints she's dropping on Twitter ("You KNOW how I been lovin Dubstep since Rated R"), and the album's lead single, the Calvin Harris-produced "We Found Love." The synth-heavy club banger takes Rihanna in a slightly new, more fist pump-y direction, while still showcasing her strong dance-pop vocals. -- Nicole James

Standout songs: "We Found Love"

Release date: Nov. 21

MONICA, New Life

Monica may have only just turned 30 years old, but she's already begun a New Life. Her seventh studio album features cuts such as the Missy Elliott-produced buzz track "Anything (To Find You)" and her new ballad "Until It's Gone." While details about the new record are still sparse, Monica's been busy cooking up tracks with Polow Da Don, Jermaine Dupri and Bryan-Michael Cox. Expect the unstoppable R&B soulstress' latest to be filled with songs about love, heartbreak, redemption and every emotion in between -- all the topics that have helped Monica remain an industry vet for more than 15 years and counting. -- Brad Stern

Standout songs: "Anything (To Find You)," "Until It's Gone"

Release date: Nov. 29

NE-YO, Love And Passion

R&B crooner Ne-Yo has been one busy dude. In between collaborating with T-Pain and Trey Songz on "The Way You Move," slated to appear on DJ Boy Wonda's upcoming mixtape, he's also working on his fifth studio album, Love and Passion. There's no set release date yet, but we can tell you that via Twitter that Ne-Yo has boasted, "Album is coming together oh SO very nice! We takin' em' back to when music made you FEEL somethin' on this one!" We believe you, Ne-Yo. Oh, and if you simply cannot wait to hear some new Ne-Yo jams, he's currently making a mixtape called 101 that he plans to release to fans before Love And Passion. It's like an appetizer before the main course! See? Told you he was busy. -- Jenna Rubenstein

Standout songs: TBD

Release date: TBD