Katy Perry, Life-Size Glitter Kitty (PHOTO)

Credit: Pacific Coast News

We're willing to bet some major cash that Halloween is Katy Perry's favorite holiday. She's always changing her hair color, dressing like candy, and just last week she wore a semi-creepy fruit lady mask at the airport -- and that was on a regular old Thursday! Fame means wearing anything you want any day of the week, guys.

Katy sports the best costumes (on and off the stage) all year round, and she didn't disappoint with her black kitty getup while on stage at her concert in Brazil recently. She didn't just show up with your basic feline fashions from the costume aisle at the drugstore, obvs. Instead, the "E.T" singer dazzled fans with a sleek black one-piece adorned with glittered ear, tail and belt accessories. It's the perfect mix of fashionable and tough, like Catwoman! Plus, it's decorated with just enough glitter to make our favorite sparkle lover, Ke$ha, proud.

While some trick-or-treaters dressed in sexy costumes can come off borderline gross (no offense), Katy pulls off the "sultry kitten" costume flawlessly. Actually, she could mix and match all of her costumes (but not that creepy mask from the airport) and still look hot.

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