Star Spotting: Rihanna Makes A Bandanna Bikini Work

Where does Rihanna go when she needs a quiet place to seductively pose think? She finds a rural field in the middle of nowhere, of course. While we'd like to imagine she was spending her weekend hitting up hayrides at a pumpkin farm for fun fall festivities, Rihanna was actually shooting scenes for her upcoming "We Found Love" music video in Dublin. (Hold up, you haven't heard "We Found Love" yet? GET ON THAT.) Wait. Wasn't Rihanna JUST in Brazil? Boo MUST be racking those frequent-flier miles.

Credit: Photo Press Belfast/Splash News

The "Cheers (Drink To That)" singer was snapped romping through fields working rural chic like a pro. Her faded denim and oversize flannel shirt were just teasers, folks! She takes it to the next level (would we expect anything less from RiRi?) by popping open her workman's duds to expose a red bandanna (the kind usually reserved for stock images of hobos) bra and matching red underwear. We get it, girl -- farmer tans are the WORST. Also, Rihanna, if you're attempting to channel the sexiest scarecrow in the world, well, IT'S TOTALLY WORKING.