Bruno Mars Eating A Giant Microphone Cake (PHOTO)

Credit: WireImage

Sure, Bruno Mars has had a bunch of top 10 hits, he's won himself a Grammy (he's been nominated for seven of them!) and he's set to play a starring role on the upcoming "Breaking Dawn" soundtrack. But what accomplished musician doesn't also want a cake of an old timey microphone with his name on it?! I know I would!

Bruno was in Las Vegas this weekend for the iHeartRadio festival, and in between getting down and celebrating with fans, the Bank nightclub at the Bellagio presented Mr. Mars with this fancy cake. And he took a photo with it, like the good sport that he is.

But we want to know what he was thinking! I took a stab at it below, but let us know what you think Bruno is wondering as he tries as hard as possible not to actually put his mouth on that cake:

+ "Um, guys, the proportion on this microphone is like, way off. Who's the intern you let do this? Fire him."

+ "Did Tyler, The Creator ever get one of these hand-delivered to him at the Bellagio? Just wondering..."

+ "Seriously?"