New Video: Allstar Weekend, 'Blame It On September'

Summer is over, and by now you're probably in withdrawal from flip-flops, ice pops and wearing white without being judged and ostracized. Don't blame it on global warming, guys -- just blame it on September! Or at least that's how Allstar Weekend suggests we cope.

With a perfectly timed release, "Blame It On September" rues an expired summer romance. But instead of blaming the split on all the crazy ish your ex has done to you, Allstar Weekend firmly believes it's the month of September's fault: "Waves get louder/I'm lost without her/This summer starts to end/Let's blame it on September/'Cause it hurts to remember/We can fight to hold on/But August is gone.../Cause no summer lasts forever."

The video mainly consists of a flashback to all the fun summer activities a cute, young couple could ever dream of. There's the outdoor carnival, the bike riding, the driving with the top down and the couple-y movie night with friends. Oh, and naturally the female lead sported some salt water laden hair, effortless tank tops and makeup that magically didn't sweat down her face. The video comes to a close with a gratuitous shot of the couple having a quintessential summer picnic while reclining on the grass and looking up at the balmy summer sky (and they're both still NOT sweating).

Personally, I couldn't say peace out to NYC's humid summer fast enough. But I guess if we'd had a hot summer fling we'd still pine away for that sweaty amazing season, too.

Allstar Weekend’s forthcoming album, All the Way, hits stores September 27.

+ Watch Allstar Weekend's "Blame It On September" video.