New Video: Katie Herzig, 'Free My Mind'

Singer-songwriter Katie Herzig might not be a household name quite yet, but we can can almost guarantee you've heard her music. She's had seven songs on "Grey's Anatomy," songs on the "Sex And The City" soundtrack and songs in Target, Honda and Samsung commercials. Helllllo, royalty checks.

Katie's latest video, "Free My Mind," is a cute, cheeky clip set to an indie-pop song that speaks of well, freeing one's mind. The completely adorable video features a fun time-lapse of a totally wild, possibly Lady Gaga-esque gown being custom-made for Katie. And this dress isn't made out of fabric -- the time-lapse reveals that it's actually made up of everyday found objects like paper, staples, Q-tips, nails and colored Post-its. As we see the dress being constructed and fitted to Katie, she sings, "My mind is like a heavy hand/Always making more of what really happened/A critical imagination/Always working overtime.../I never had my mind made up before the bomb dropped."

We're not quite sure what a paper ball gown has to do with freeing one's mind, but we'll rock out with some high school English right now and guess that maybe the dress signifies getting rid of one's tendency to conform? Or maybe Katie's just in the midst of a really big DIY phase right now. Whatever the case may be, too much cute to pass up.

+ Watch Katie Herzig's "Free My Mind" video.