New Video: Kelly Clarkson, 'Mr. Know It All'

Credit: Getty Images

Without sounding overly dramatic, we've almost lost it a few times while waiting for Kelly Clarkson's official "Mr. Know It All" video to be released. "Mr. Know It All" the song is fully special enough, but the wait for the video became that much more excruciating when we saw some behind-the-scenes photos.

When the pics came out, we were left to our own devices and imagination to guess a plotline. And not to toot our own horn or anything, but we kinda sorta got it right! As we predicted, the "Mr. Know It All" video shows a super gorg Kelly going off on the titular know-it-all. There are tons of glamour shots in between her tell-off reminding us that even though she's a badass chick, she's also realllllly pretty. What we didn't guess was that all of this goes down in a large abandoned warehouse that's plastered with about a million Kelly Clarkson press clippings on the wall. Some clippings ask "Why So Single Kelly?" and others reference the painful experience Kelly endured when tracks off her forthcoming Stronger album leaked before their official release. TAKE THAT, MEDIA! (Oh... wait. That's also us.)

At the end of the "Mr. Know It All" video, in what is clearly a cathartic release, Kelly starts ripping off all the press clippings only to reveal that they were blocking a huge window and subsequent dirt road. If you got past eighth-grade English, you might realize that this window is actually a metaphor for opportunity -- an opportunity for Kelly to get the hell out and tell the haters where to go. GET. YOURS, Kelly Clarkson.

+ Watch Kelly Clarkson's "Mr. Know It All" video.

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