The CUTEST Britney Spears GIF Of All Time. Ever.

Credit: Getty Images

GIFS are the gifts (gif-ts?) that never stop giving. No literally, they're animated photos that play on a loop for all of eternity. We're a big fan of GIFs here at Buzzworthy HQ (if you didn't notice), and we're also a big fan of Britney Spears (IF YOU DIDN'T NOTICE!!!!!!). When these two worlds collide, well... sometimes we need a paper bag to breathe into. Or breath on (Britney song reference, n00bs).

Anywho, we told you all about the wackadoo interviews Britney Spears was doing over in jolly ol' London to help promote the European leg of her "Femme Fatale" tour. And British reporters seem to follow a different... guideline when it comes to interviewing celebrities. Actually, there is no guideline. These guys just ask whatever the eff they want, and frankly, it's refreshing! We like it!

In one of the recent interviews a British reporter conducted with Britney, said reporter pulled out a noisemaker to help Britney celebrate her upcoming 30th birthday (Dec. 2, n00bs). And Britney, being the ever-adorable good sport, chose to play along. Which brings us to this, THE CUTEST BRITNEY SPEARS GIF OF ALL TIME:

OMG DEAD. You're welcome.