Mandy Moore Fights Malaria (Looks Undeniably Adorable, Too) (PHOTO)

Credit: Insider Images

Just the other day we were thinking about how we haven't heard from Mandy Moore in like, a long time. But then yay, we found her! Mandy popped up in New York for the UN's Social Good Summit conference recently, and as usual, she was being adorable WHILE also being a good humanitarian.

Turns out the "I Could Break Your Heart Any Day Of The Week" singer has been on the other side of the world (NDB) on the mission to help stop malaria in Africa. At the conference, Mandy sported a "BUZZKILL" T-shirt and a look of concern while discussing her time volunteering in Cameroon, a small African country where malaria is an epidemic among children. To help promote awareness, she's been delivering bug netting to protect families from the deadly mosquitoes that transmit the disease. She's even been installing the nets in the homes herself! That deserves a nickname: "Handy-Mandy." (We didn't get a degree for nothing!)

We love stars with hearts of gold, and Mandy totally fits the bill: She's pretty, talented, the nicest person EVER, and she looks good in orange. You're forever our girl, Mandy.

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