New Song: New Found Glory, 'Dumped'

Credit: Dave Hill

New Found Glory is about to release their seventh (SEVENTH!!!) studio album. Last month, we brought you "Radiosurgery," the band's first single off their forthcoming album of the same name. And just the other week (late pass!) New Found Glory released another song off of Radiosurgery. It's called "Dumped." We miiiight know where this one is headed.

"Dumped" is a cheeky, energetic, pop/punk record that's reminiscent of earlier NFG. The guitars are tight, the drums are pounding and the song's message speaks to exactly what you'd expect -- all the totally s***ty crap and hindsight that comes with a breakup. In guitarist Chad Gilbert's own words: "'Dumped' is one of the most straightforward songs on the album. It's kind of saying that you realize after everything went down that you're better off without the person, but you don't like it because you went through so much crap and now the relationship is over." Lyrically, the band nails it too as they so eloquently describe the unique brand of torture that accompanies a bad breakup: "You always knew that you could have me/Or just about anyone/And now I'm stuck here with a mouth full of regret."

Wait, doesn't anyone wanna sing about being happy for your ex that they've moved on to a good place? Can't we be thankful that we once loved and learned from one another?! OK, yeah, screw that.

+ Listen to New Found Glory's "Dumped."