PHOTOS: Beyonce Doing Regular Mom Things!

When we found out Beyoncé was pregnant during the night of the VMAs, when she opened that sequined jacket and revealed her sprouting lil' baby bump, not only did we nearly pee on ourselves like the rest of the world, but we also began to immediately think about alllll the possibilities that come with the news of a new baby. What will she and Jay-Z name their bundle of joy? What if they have twins? What will be on their baby shower registry? And perhaps most important, WILL BEYONCÉ DO REGULAR MOM THINGS LIKE GO TO THE GROCERY STORE AND DRIVE CARPOOLS IN MOM-MOBILE VANS?!

Seriously, we always see the "Best Thing I Never Had" singer decked out in expensive, shiny clothes and going to fancy, exclusive places. When does someone like that have time to go to the grocery store or do the laundry or change a diaper?

Since the paparazzi will (HOPEFULLY) never get that kind of stuff on tape, with a little help from Photoshop, we've documented some iconic Beyoncé-as-mom moments for your viewing pleasure.

Leave it to Beyoncé, hottest mom-to-be EVER, to look like a million bucks while folding the family's delicates. She's all, "I don't know where this wind is coming from, but it works for me."

After the jump, check out some of our faves below and be sure to peep all the photos in BUZZWORTHY'S BEYONCÉ DOING REGULAR MOM THINGS PHOTO GALLERY! (Seriously hilar, if we do say so ourselves.)

Credit all photos: MTV/Gustavo Marulanda

As she told us in "Run The World (Girls)," "Boy, you know you love it how we're smart enough to make these millions/Strong enough to bare the children, then get back to business." And we're pretty sure by "back to business," Bey means "YOUR TURN, JAY! I have a hair appointment in 20 minutes!" Who run the world? DAT'S RIGHT.

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