Katy Perry, You Can Take Off The Mask! We Know It's You! (PHOTO)

While Katy Perry has established herself as quite the trendsetter (pink hair, anyone?), we're not sure what we're feeling about the "accessory" she recently sported at Rio de Janeiro's airport. On one hand, the mask is effing creepy. Unless it's Halloween (or one of those peel-off masks from the drugstore) there is not a single reason to be wearing such a ridic thing on your face. On the other hand, IT'S EFFING GENIUS!! Distracting the paparazzi and skipping your makeup?! That cuts your a.m. routine in half!

Katy Perry's Carmen Miranda moment could change the face (get it?) of how famous people go out in public FOREVER. Instead of wearing oversize sunglasses or putting their hands up to their faces, celebs could have favorite disguises on hand. For example, Katy went with your everyday fruit-on-the-head look, but we'd love to see what other options were available in that val-u-pack (or maybe not). Better yet, imagine the utter pandemonium if celebs started wearing masks of other celebs! Or what if Katy launched her own line of "fan masks," where she works the faces of her own fans? Guys, famous people would be just like... us!

Credit all photos: Pacific Coast News