New Song: Backstreet Boys, 'Lost In Space'

Credit: PictureGroup

Truth is, the Backstreet Boys could literally put out 3 minutes of silence, and it would still be a hit song in my book. I mean, you gotta have mad respect for the trailblazers! I know I'm not the only one who's still Backstreet obsessed. Right? See? Thank you. I knew I wasn't.

Though they paired up with New Kids On The Block for the epic NKOTBSB tour, the Backstreet Boys are back to being a solo unit in "Lost In Space." A hidden gem that recently surfaced, the song is a demo from last year but sounds good enough to make it on to a future record!  Produced by Jim Jonsin, the Backstreet Boys' jam is synth-heavy and fully created in the image of clubbing. If you didn't know any better, you might think the electro-based song was one of the new tracks off David Guetta's Nothing But The Beat. Amid layers of sparkly synths and thumping club drums, the boys sing, "As the world goes round, round, round, round/Let the beat go down, down, down, down/Can we say up all night/'Cause we could sleep all day/Everybody come out to play/Let me hear you say ay, ay, ay."

True, I'd love for the Backstreet Boys to return to their "I Want It That Way" roots because that's how I like to envision them singing me to sleep every night... wait, who am I kidding, I already have "Lost In Space" on repeat.

+ Listen to the Backstreet Boys' "Lost In Space."