Go Behind The Scenes Of Joe Jonas' 'Just In Love' Video!

My biggest dream in life is to go on a monthlong date with Joe Jonas in Paris. Clearly aware of that, Joe Jonas shot his "Just In Love" video doing just that; Joe's "Just In Love" video takes place in Paris and features Joe doing insanely romantic, truly cinematic things -- like wearing Breton striped shirts in cafes and TAKING A BATH -- with a really hot girl. Sadly, I couldn't costar in the video because of some last-minute visa issues I ran into. Which meant Joe had to settle for a French model named Angele Sassy (who was apparently really easy to have fun with on camera, according to Joe. But I'm pretending I didn't hear him say that). I was like, well, I'm not going to hold up your creative process and blah blah blah. He said he understood. Whatever.

So, in this exclusive Buzzworthy behind-the-scenes look at Joe's "Just In Love" video, Joe Jonas discusses what he loves about Paris -- "The food, the culture, the architecture, even the weather I think is sometimes is nice. The gloomy weather almost makes it feel romantic," WHICH IS WHAT I ALWAYS SAY! Ugh, anyway, Joe elaborates on the "Just In Love" video plot, which involves falling in love and sharing a romantic month together. Again, that's the role I was born to play. Anyway, Joe also praises director Jaci Judelson and reveals that the video was inspired by a real-life relationship with a girl who just wanted to argue. Which would NEVER HAPPEN WITH ME, JOE.

Watch Joe Jonas take you behind the scenes of his "Just In Love" video, from his upcoming Fast Life album, due Oct. 11. And stay tuned for more exclusive videos, photos and more from Joe Jonas all October long at Posted.MTV.com.