New Video: Hole, 'Samantha'

Credit: Getty Images

Originally intended for Courtney Love's solo record, "Samantha" was composed several years ago and cowritten by Courtney and songwriters Linda Perry and Billy Corgan (The Smashing Pumpkins).  While Courtney's solo record never came to fruition, the track eventually made it on to Hole's 2010 release Nobody's Daughter. Which brings us to the "Samantha" video. 

In the "Samantha" video, Courtney is decked head-to-toe in bridal wear and is seen trudging through what seems to be an abandoned, destroyed city. Smoke billows from a building behind her, and the streets are packed with burnt car frames and overturned trucks. Naturally, Courtney isn't at all shocked by the scenery and seems to actually enjoy frolicking among the wreckage while in her wedding gown. (We're guessing she's really NOT into her groom.) Next up, Courtney returns to what we assume is the scene of the crime: an abandoned wedding banquet table and a bedroom... that she proceeds to light on fire, NBD.

While we're not quite sure what the hell went on at those nuptials, we do know this: Committing arson in a couture wedding dress is like, so bad-ass and quintessentially Hole. Oh, and if we were that groom, we'd get the hell out of town right about now.

+ Watch Hole's "Samantha" video.