Katy Perry Is Pink-Haired And Pretty On The Cover Of InStyle (PHOTO)

Credit: InStyle

The way Katy Perry confidently rocks pink hair on the cover of InStyle's October 2011 issue makes it seem like cotton candy pink has always been a go-to color option in beauty salons. In fact, her gorgeous 'do could change the way the world's locks handle bad breakups, pesky gray hairs or necessary style upgrades. Katy isn't just about music, guys, she's like a life coach -- an incredibly pretty life coach.

On the cover, Katy dazzles in a shimmery, short-sleeved dress finished off with a patent leather belt that mirrors her futuristic-looking bracelet. Inside the issue, the "E.T." singer dishes on her feisty side. "I'm not going to sit and be steamrolled," she says. "I am full of unicorns and Care Bears 99 percent of the time, but don't open Pandora's Box of that other 1 percent -- because it's there!" She also divulges on details about her tour makeup process, "I ordered a special chair from the dentist so I can lie back and wake up looking like a million bucks -- I call it my Sleeping Beauty makeup." Um, WHERE CAN WE GET ONE?

Katy also chats about having kids (not yet, guys!) and clues fans in on her red carpet style: “I kind of use this inner dial: Either I turn it up or down." No word on if she's going to launch her own "Perry Pink" hair color line anytime soon.

+ Check out more of Katy Perry in October's issue of InStyle.

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