New Video: Patrick Stump Featuring Lupe Fiasco, 'This City'

Credit: Getty Images

Patrick Stump wants everyone (and their mother) to know he's obsessed with his hometown of Chicago. Personally, I'm partial to New York, but if anything could convince me to move it would probably be Patrick's catchy new single/ode to his hometown, "This City." (Do they make more dudes like that in Chi-town?)

As we mentioned when we brought you the preview, there's not much of a plot happening in "This City." Mainly we see Patrick dancing around in a dapper suit while the camera adds fake fire and turquoise smoke effects around him. Occasionally he lets his enthusiasm take over and allows himself one (or three!) "Jersey Shore" fist pumps as he sings his city's praises: "Cause this city/Is my city/And I love it/Ya, I love it/I was born and raised here/I had it made here/And if I have my way I'm gonna stay here for life." In the midst of all the special effects and camera filters, Patrick is shown in front of city buildings and parks, giving the video a bit more context.

Lupe Fiasco turns up next, and his verse is an honest look at his hometown's pros and cons. Decked in a chill gray hoodie, Lupe rhymes, "In parts of my city certain colors can't step/Sadly I'm talking about the color of your skin." Regardless, Fiasco is a Chicagoan through and through: "Despite all the above, I love this city."

Sometimes you don't need giant explosions or a winding love story or choreographed dancing to prove your point. Sometimes, as with "This City," all you need is Patrick Stump in the middle of Chicago singing about how great it is. His suit doesn't hurt, either.

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