Video Preview: Eazy-E's Daughter E.B. Wright, 'What I Wanna Do'

Credit: Getty Images

Sean Lennon. Jakob Dylan. Kelly Osbourne. Children of famous musicians have tried, with varying degrees of luck, to emulate the success of their parents. Add E.B. Wright, daughter of famed rapper Eazy-E, to the list. Eazy-E's son, Lil Eazy-E, has already begun a hip-hop career of his own, but E.B. Wright is going the pop route, as evidenced by a "coming out" video posted on her website.

"At the age of 16, MTV's 'My Super Sweet Sixteen' introduced me to the world as Eazy-E's daughter," said the singer of her former TV appearance. "Now it's four years later and I want to introduce myself." Wright was featured on numerous MTV shows, including "My Super Sweet 16," "Sweet 16 Reunion" and "TRL Countdown."

The 19-year-old singer recently began the "We Want E.B." campaign, a publicity strategy modeled off her father's classic track "We Want Eazy." "E.B. decided she wanted to pay homage to her father by re-creating his 'We Want Eazy' campaign that her mother/manager Tracy Jernagin helped her father market and promote back in 1989," the singer writes on her site. Eazy-E, who co-founded landmark hip-hop group N.W.A. and released numerous solo albums, died in 1995 from HIV complications.

We know it's hard to escape an image if your father helped invent gangsta rap, but the intro video's melodramatic piano, soaring strings and martial drums are a little over-the-top given Wright's penchant for Avril Lavigne-styled pop. But as long as she doesn't beef with Dr. Dre's son, to each his own, right?

+ Watch E.B. Wright's "What I Wanna Do" video.