New Song: Ne-Yo Featuring Trey Songz And T-Pain, 'The Way You Move'

Credit: Getty Images

Think of all the star power Ne-Yo, T-Pain and Trey Songz carry individually. Now take that and multiply it by well, three and you'll get the amount of R&B/Auto-Tuned/panty-droppin' star power surrounding Ne-Yo's most recent jam, "The Way You Move."

Featuring Trey Songz and T-Pain, "The Way You Move" is slated to appear on DJ Boy Wonda's forthcoming mixtape, "Tough Loves." A true slow jam, Ne-Yo opens the first verse and lets his smooth falsetto dominate as he sings his woman's praises: "She's super sexy/Everybody wanna know about her.../Because the way she get it in/All of the men/Even the women just try." Definitely sounds like a top-notch chick right there.

Trey Songz chimes in next and we literally CANNOT decide whether his or Ne-Yo's falsetto is more of a panty-dropper -- it's a tie! Somehow Trey manages to compare his pole-dancing woman to a club and still make it sound romantic and classy: "If this club was the sky/You're the brightest star/You ain't playing fair/Slidin' down that poll like oh, oh, oh." T-Pain's verse is up next, and as you'd imagine, he uses his signature Auto-Tune to convince his girl that he's on the up-and-up: "Just keep doin' your thing/Don't let it stop you/And if you've heard some things about me/Girl, they're all lies." RO-mance.

This "The Way You Move" chick sounds really hard to land, so while Ne-Yo, Trey Songz and T-Pain still probably have some wooing to do, we must admit -- everything does sound way more convincing when it's sung to you in Auto-Tune.

+ Listen to Ne-Yo featuring Trey Songz and T-Pain, "The Way You Move."