Watch Demi Lovato's Moving 'A Letter To My Fans' (VIDEO)

Credit: Getty Images

Aptly titled "A Letter To My Fans," Demi Lovato has just released a three-minute video addressing everything she's been through over the last year. Featuring "Fix A Heart" from her forthcoming album Unbroken, the video is narrated by Demi and trails her as she's en route to her performance at the ALMA Awards. As she climbs on stage and hops onto a moving platform during a rehearsal, Demi narrates, "I never imagined my life would turn out this way. I mean, sure, I had my hopes, but I never thought I'd be performing in front of thousands of people or surrounded by a never-ending spree of of unbelievably supportive fans. I never thought I'd live a life like this." HELLO, CHILLS.

With poise and grace much beyond her years, a candid Demi then goes on to address her recent setbacks: "Last year everything stopped, and for the next three months I woke up in a treatment center. Every day away from my family and friends I spent a lot of time and holiday's thinking there. I thought about the sadness I felt, the pain that I was in and the addictions I was struggling from." Next up, the vid cuts to a rehabilitated and empowered Demi as she rocks a bomb red dress and kills her performance at the ALMAs.

As she walks off stage and the video comes to a close, Demi recites what we're sure has to be the most perfect closing line of all time. "Most people watching this know all of what happened already, but what they don't know is what's about to happen next." TRIUMPH!!

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