New Song: Ashanti, 'Never Too Far Away'

Credit: Getty Images

Ashanti once exploded on the charts with rappers like Ja Rule and Fat Joe, and since then, the singer's been keeping life a little bit more on the DL. That quiet time seems to have toned down her hip-hop side and unveiled a ballad-friendly songbird. Fans will be happy to know that the lady's back with a music makeover, where her vocals are front and center. Case in point: her latest single "Never Too Far Away," a track featured in the upcoming movie "Dream House."

The song starts with dramatic piano chords that gently ramp up as Ashanti's breathy lyrics take over. And it sounds like homegirl is willing to give EVERYTHING -- even her own organs -- to be with someone: "I would take my heart right out of my chest and place it in the palm of your hands/Just to show you how much I need you to keep breathing." Later, she rhymes about giving her all, perhaps inspired by her recent comeback: "I would let nothing keep me away/And I would let nothing keep me from you, babe."

"Never Too Far Away" is sweeping enough to make the song pure soundtrack gold, even if we don't know what "Dream House" is about. We're digging Ashanti's new musical direction, and we're excited to see where she'll take us next.

+ Listen to Ashanti's "Never Too Far Away."