Kanye West Stares Longingly At An Autographed Photo... Of Himself! (PHOTO)

When this photo hit the Internet via Theamericanpsycho's Tumblr, I wasn't exactly phased by it. "Oh," I thought, "A photo of Kanye West looking at an autographed photo of himself that he addressed to... himself? Excuse me while I try to find the strength to be surprised." But it turns out Kanye has a sense of humor! Who knew!

This photo is actually a still from Kanye West's never-released puppet sketch show (yes, puppet sketch show) "Alligator Boots" created for Comedy Central, and in this scene, Kanye was poking fun at his egomaniac reputation. Behind-the-scenes footage of the show leaked online last week but has since been taken down. Some of the highlights included Kanye wearing a Cosby sweater, talking puppets making jokes and a bikini-clad Kim Kardashian doing her best Princess Leia impression. In other words, this was EGOT material, guys.

While it's too bad that "Alligator Boots" never came to fruition, at least we have this ridiculously ridiculous picture to always remember Kanye West's little puppet sketch show that could have been. Also, you're welcome for your new desktop background. And your new tattoo.