Watch Never Shout Never Perform 'Simplistic Trance-Like Getaway' & 'Silver Ecstasy' Live At Webster Hall

Never Shout Never's Christofer Drew is already an accomplished musician (six albums and two EPs, y'all), and now he can check "play New York City's Webster Hall" off of his bucket list. Chris, alongside the new members of his band (Caleb Denison, Hayden Kaiser, and Taylor MacFee), played to a sold-out crowd at Webster Hall recently, and we have video evidence. Check it.

Never Shout Never fans are a dedicated bunch, as we see in the first video below where we talked to some of them waiting outside the venue. It's to be expected that die-hards are loving the new sound of the more mature and robust Never Shout Never, but one girl loved it so much that she came all the way from Canada to see the show. CANADA, people. That's like, far. We also chatted with the band on their relationship with their fans and as you may have guessed, the love is reciprocated.

After the fan video, check out two live performances from the show. Up first we have Never Shout Never's retro-feeling latest single "Silver Ecstasy," which takes on a more somber tone in the live performance as opposed to the recorded track. After that, watch the twangy live version of "Simplistic Trance-Like Getaway." And just in case you missed Buzzworthy's exclusive premiere last week, hear the studio version of "Silver Ecstasy."

Never Shout Never's latest album Time Travel is out Sept. 20.

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