Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez On The Most Awkward Date Ever (PHOTO)

Credit: Pacific Coast News

In between Selena Gomez's touring schedule and Justin Bieber recording a Christmas album, it's probably a rare moment when the MOST FAMOUS TEEN COUPLE IN THE WORLD get a chance to even be in same room together. But despite their opposing schedules, Justin just wants to woo his lady right with a proper date. We're talking a "real" date, guys -- like, sit across the table and sip non-alcoholic daiquiris with two straws together type of date -- none of these Skype kisses or emoticon text messages.

But when you're two of the most famous people in the world, date night is hard. While the rest of America's teenagers might be worried about their parents secretly capturing a few Kodak moments before they head out for a romantic night at Red Lobster, these kids have paparazzi documenting every footsie and butterfly kiss. Pshhh, and you can forget about a quiet good night kiss! They're just trying to get their steak on, leave them alone! Fame kills game, y'all.

But there's a positive side to all this, guys. At least Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have like, MILLIONS of random photos capturing every single personal moment together for their scrapbook. And I'm sure their MILLIONS of dollars soften the blow of the flashing lights, too.