New Song: Diggy Simmons, 'Just Begun'

Credit: Picture Group

It's super hard being the kid of a famous dad. You have to deal with getting everything you want, meeting famous people, and always being compared to your celeb pops. But actually, that last one must kind of suck for up-and-coming rapper Diggy Simmons (otherwise known as Rev Run's kid) as he tries to make a name for himself in the rap game. But we have to give Diggy credit -- so far, he's doing a killer job.

While Diggy had a lot of fun on the set of his "Copy, Paste" video, his latest record "Just Begun" offers a more serious and emotional vibe. Diggy asserts that his talent is authentic and the hip-hop game should brace for his takeover: “Some say that I don’t grind/I’ll never be multi/The reason that I’m on/Is because of my close ties." We also hear Diggy reveal what famous pal Chris Brown told him: “Chris said I’m the new L/I told him do tell/He said that the ladies love me and I’m gonna do well.”

Hold up a sec! Girls? Kissing? Laaaadies?? How is this Diggy the same lil' tot from "Run's House"?? So hard to watch reality TV kids grow up! Regardless of his celebu-spawn status, Diggy's got raw talent. Haters to the left.

+ Listen to Diggy Simmons' "Just Begun."