Happy Birthday, Nick Jonas! Here Is A GIF Of Yourself!

Credit: Getty Images

Ahh, Nick Jonas. It seems like only yesterday that we were illegally fawning over you, counting down the hours until it was okay to think you were attractive in the eyes of the law. But today you turn 19, so we've been in the clear for one whole year now. Woo hoo!

Nick, on this, your 19th birthday, we wish you nothing but happiness and fun and a massive break-up scenario with your girlfriend Delta Goodrem <HAHAHA DID WE JUST SAY THAT!? HOOOOH BOY> meant an action-packed day of mini-golf or however else we imagine you like to relieve stress. For most people, 19 is a very strange age as you're old enough to vote and be drafted, but not old enough to sit at a nightclub with your friends. But you're famous, Nick! I'm sure you'll find a legal, non-controversial way to let loose.

Anyway, in honor of your birthday we got you us something: an OMGTHISISBEAUTIFUL GIF of you taking your shirt off at a concert. We'd send you a real present but we don't have your address -- this can be resolved very easily by YOU GIVING US YOUR ADDRESS.

Happy Birthday, Nick Jonas!