Song Premiere: Jason Derulo, 'Breathing'

We brought you the premiere of Jason Derulo's anthemic club track "Pick Up The Pieces" just a few days ago, and today we have the premiere of his newest single, "Breathing." While it takes a different, more subtle route than "Pick Up The Pieces," you'll still probably be adding "Breathing" to your "Girls' Night Out" playlist. This dude knows how to make a dance song.

Jason Derulo's been known to grab samples from somewhat obscure sources, Imogen Heap and Daft Punk among them. On "Breathing," Derulo scouted out another unlikely source when he turned to industrial rock act V.A.S.T. for a sample of the background vocals on the 1998 track "Touched." Following a slow build-up of synths and a quick club beat, Jason sings us his tale of longing veiled by an international-sounding club song: "I only miss you when I'm breathing/I only miss you when my heart is beating/You are the color that I'm bleeding/I only miss you when I'm breathing."

"Breathing" can be found on Jason Derulo's second album, Future History, out Sept. 27.

+ Listen to Jason Derulo's "Breathing" and "Pick Up The Pieces."