Star Spotting: Ashlee Simpson And Her New Boyfriend Are A Real Thing

Credit: Splash News

If you've been living in a fantasy world like me, you've just been pretending that Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz are actually still together and shacked up in some mansion in L.A. and the whole divorce thing was just an act. But not the case [extreme sad face emoticon]. Ashlee was snapped on the red carpet with her boyfriend, actor Vincent PIazza, and we have to say they both look really happy!

Ashlee looks GORG with her short blond hair slicked back and just a touch of a smokey eye. And helllloooo, look how she's eying that man of hers. She's all, "I can't wait 'til this screening of 'Boardwalk Empire' is over so we can go back to my house and... eat ice cream while I wear a mud mask and finally watch the season finale of 'Bachelor Pad.'" Whoops, switched out Ashlee Simpson's thought process with my own.

On the real tip though, Ash, we're totally down with whatever makes you that smiley. You and Pete seem to have split on amicable terms so hey, que sera, sera and stuff.