The Buzz On: Tinashe

Buzzworthy contributor Bradley Stern introduced us to Tinashe this week in his "5 Must-Hear Pop Songs Of The Week" column and we liked her so much, we gave Tinashe her own post! After one listen to his suggestion, "Artificial People," we decided it's about time you guys know more about this girl.

Tinashe is a half-Zimbabwean, half-Irish/Norwegian/Danish Kentucky native (say that five times fast), so naturally, she looks like she's from the pages Vogue but sounds like a prom queen -- must be tough. She began singing at the tender age of, oh, ZERO, so that would clock her in at 18 years of experience: "I’ve been singing since before I could even talk. Music was my first language." After a two-year stint with Vitamin C-founded girl group The Stunners, Tinashe branched out on her own. This March, she announced she was going solo and just this month she released her first single, "Artificial People."

Even though she's not old enough to get into the club yet, "Artificial People" proves that Tinashe knows what people wanna hear when their getting their swerve on. Over a serious beat and some cray synthesizers, Tinashe's rap/sing/talk style reminds us a bit of Ke$ha as she lays down her lyrics over the track: "All I know is that we are not machines/There's no way to fake a human being/But I don't know what is real and what is fantasy when all I see is artificial people." Damn. Sounds like someone went to my high school (burrrrn).

"Artificial People" is available now on iTunes.

+ Listen to Tinashe, "Artificial People."